• 31 May 2011 21:27:44

    Andoran trailer (mod)

    posted by LordFrostcraig Mod News
    Andoran is a lore-based mod for Oblivion. While playing this large mod, the player can do whatever they wish. Information and details found as you adventure will be important as you play. Some interesting things you may find are living pieces of cheese and water-walking horses, possibly part of the reason the creators have said that Andoran will show "the dark side of The Elder Scrolls". Every problem in Andoran can be solved in different ways. If you desire an item you can either kill the owner, or steal it. It may be interesting to note that all NPCs will have proper AI. All new music has also been written for the mod as well.

    Some lore background to all of this: the island of Andoran is one of three south of Black Marsh. There are many unique places to visit and explore and each city has unique architecture. There will be many quests, both long and short, for the player to complete.

    Although it is in Russian the mod looks amazing. A trailer of the mod was recently uploaded to YouTube. It is also on the website. On May 29, BethSoft tweeted about it.

    EDIT September 28th 10:27 (GMT -7): If you have a current save, you can continue to Andoran with that particular character and save. There will also be an English translation, similar to Nehrim with only subtitles translated.

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