• 28 May 2011 18:56:42

    File upload size limit increased to 1Gb (1024Mb)

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    As video games get more advanced and the modding scene continues to mature the quality, quantity and size of mods grows with it.

    Up until today the file size limit for file uploads has been 300Mb as this size was deemed appropriate for almost all modifications that weren't massive texture replacers. I think that situation has now changed. Bigger and more advanced modifications are released regularly now and in response to requests from various mod authors I've decided to up the file size limit to 1Gb, or 1024Mb, per file.

    I've tested the system out with a 975Mb file that got uploaded without a hitch. If you experience any issues uploading large files let me know. Remember that upload speeds are generally much slower than your download speed and can take a very long time depending on your connection speed and how far you are from the main web servers (that are hosted in south-east England).

    Please remember to properly compress your archives still so they take up as little space as possible.

    Users of TESNexus: the hard-drive storing the mods for TESNexus is almost full to capacity. I have 3 new HDD's on their way that should arrive next week and be installed towards the end of the week. Please do any spring-cleaning on your files and remove any old files that are no longer necessary for your mod; your main file download counters will not be affected if you delete files from your page. Thank you!

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