• 11 April 2011 23:12:19

    File endorsements in their own discussion topic

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Some of you might have noticed that all of the endorsement posts have been moved out of the "Comments" tab on file pages. These posts have not been lost, or deleted, but have instead been moved to a new pinned topic in the "Discussions" tab under the topic listed as the "Official endorsement topic".

    The aim of this change is to reduce the amount of clutter in the Comments tab and separate normal comments and questions from the standard endorsement messages.

    To help mod authors manage the comments and topics related to their file pages I'll also be rolling out a new page for each site, hopefully tomorrow, that will give a forum style view of all the threads related to your files. The page will list every thread in order of their last post date taken straight from the forums. The result will be something similar to filtering your uploaded files by "last comment DESC" but will cover every single one of your files, and make it easier to manage your comments.

    At this time TESNexus and New Vegas Nexus have had their endorsement/comment system changed over and I'll be tackling Dragon Age Nexus and Fallout 3 Nexus tomorrow.

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