• 6 April 2011 21:01:26

    Skyrim Game Informer signed magazine up for auction

    posted by Agonofinis Game News
    Are you the sort of person that displays subscriber magazine covers above his fireplace like treasured family heirlooms? Do you have a legitimate (and legal) way to acquire at least $260 in the next two days? Well, it's your lucky day!

    In support of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund, Bethesda are auctioning a special edition of the Skyrim Game Informer Issue, the first magazine exclusive of the new Elder Scrolls title, signed by the development team. One hundred percent of the proceeds go to charity, and you end up with an excellent piece of Skyrim loot.

    You can bid here at the eBay page, but with two days left in the bidding you may need a little more cash.

    In addition to earlier news, the voting on the Art of Videogames exhibition has been extended to April 17th, so make sure you get your votes in.

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