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    Mods and assets from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

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    I wanted to bring to light some official news from GSC, the creators of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series of games, on some information regarding the use of their assets in other games.

    A few people not in the know have either been using the fact a few mods on the Nexus sites use STALKER assets as an excuse to use assets from other games and mediums or claim that we're some how biased or turning a blind eye to illegal content in some mods.

    We take reports of the use of illegal content very seriously, perhaps more serious than most sites out there but, as we continue to say, we're not always up-to-date with every mod hosted here so we rely on you, the community, to let us know if you think something is amiss by reporting content. Lots of folks do and we're very thankful for it. Similarly we haven't played every game in existence so some times have no clue that the assets in a mod are from another game.

    When the first mods appeared using STALKER assets (a long time ago) we were told that GSC allowed their assets to be used in non-commercial work. Buddah followed this up by contacting the relevant people at GSC and sure enough Buddah was told that this was fine. In recent months new moderator Thandal has pursued the case again, to once again verify the validity of claims (as I said, we take this stuff seriously!), and GSC have now posted up an official response on their forums regarding this issue:

    It is done! GSC made its official lawyer-vetted statement:

    GSC has made explicit its position regarding the legal status of mods, including the use of its resources with others games. You can find the original under the link below. I am attaching a translation, as well.

    Mods (modifications) of a computer game can be made by a person who has legally acquired a licensed copy of the game and exclusively for the purpose of its use on the hardware belonging to the person performing the modification or persons to whom the modification was given on non-commercial basis (such as freely over the Internet).

    This means that the person who makes a mod for a computer game can use this modification exclusively on non-commercial basis.

    The author of the mod retains authorship and exclusive rights on the mod. However, the resources used for development of the given mod belong to another person. As such, the mod does not wholly belong to the author of the modification, who does not have full control over it (such as for commercial use).

    Our company allows non-commercial use of mods for our computer games. If you want to use mods developed for our games (such as from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series) with another game, you have to turn to that game's developers for permission.

    You can check out the original Russian thread or read the English translation on their official forums.

    This is a nice breathe of fresh air in the gaming industry and we definitely welcome such an open policy to the use of assets. Please remember that this policy only applies to GSC STALKER assets and using content from most other games is still a violation of copyright and will not be tolerated here. If in doubt, ask a moderator or post on the forums and someone will tell you for sure.

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