• 25 March 2011 15:06:11

    Skyrim's Menu System

    posted by LordFrostcraig Game News
    Everyone knows what Oblivion’s menu looks like: the yellow parchment, the large, ugly text, and the sepia map. Many mods fix this, but for Skyrim, Bethesda is making a new user-friendly menu completely from scratch.

    Unlike previous menus, Skyrim’s won’t take you back to the page you were on the last time you looked on the menu. Instead, it will bring you to a compass, where you choose which page to go. If you were to press on the right arrow, then it would take you to the inventory, which separates items by type. You can also view every item in 3D. If you were to press the left arrow, then it would take you to your spells, complete with how each works (for example, shock spells drain magicka as well as health). Pressing the up arrow would cause you to look up to the sky, where the three major constellations will be shown: The Warrior, The Thief, and The Mage. Each has six constellations inside, all of them representing a skill, which means a total of 18 skills. Each skill level-up will go towards a new level. Every time your level goes up, you can choose a supplementary perk for one of your skills. If you use heavy armor a lot, then you’d want to choose one that is related to heavy armor. Like in the Fallout series, some perks can be chosen more than once to be "leveled up".

    Finally, pressing the down arrow will make the screen zoom out to reveal a map of Skyrim, which is fully interactive. You can move across the map and examine the mountains, the caves, or the cities, similar to the 3D item viewing. You can manage markers, plan where you’re going to go, or fast-travel (yep, its still there!). When outside the compass screen and in the game world, you will be able to hit a button and it will pause everything and bring you to your favorites screen. This screen is very similar to hot-keys in Oblivion, except that the slots are unlimited, and you can assign anything to them. In theory, you could put everything in your inventory on this screen. You can’t determine the order the favorites are in, however; they will be listed alphabetically.

    That’s all for now, thanks for reading and keep watching the TESNexus news for more information on Skyrim!

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