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    Shor son of Shor

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    Michael Kirkbride has posted an article on the Elder Scrolls Lore Forum.

    The article details a break in fighting between the house of Shor and the other houses of Skyrim. Shor is the Nordic version of Lorkhan the god whose heart the player destroyed in Morrowind.

    A extract is provided below.

    "And the awful fighting ended again.

    "Kyne's shout brought our tribe back to the mountaintop of Hrothgar, and even our recent dead rode in on the wind of her breathing, for there had been no time to fashion a proper retreat. Their corpses fell among us as we landed and we looked on them in confusion, shaken as we were by this latest battle in the war of twilight. The chieftains of the other tribes still held their grudge against our own, Shor son of Shor; more, they had united finally to destroy us and used skin-magic to trick us into disarray.

    "Shor was disgusted with the defeat, and disgusted more when reminded by Jhunal that our withdrawal had been wise, for we were outnumbered eight to one. Shor took on the form of his Totem then, which he used to better shape his displeasure, rather than to shout it aloud and risk more storm-death. His shield thanes, the brothers Stuhn and Tsun, bowed their heads, collecting the spears and swords and wine-knives Shor threw about the broken pillars of the easternmost sky-temple. The rest of us looked away and to our own, not even to acknowledge the thunderclap that signaled our Queen's arrival, who stepped in from the tunnel of her own breath last.

    Mr Kirkbride created much of the lore for Morrowind and Bethesda hired him as a consultant for Oblivion, Knights of the Nine, and the Shivering Isles.

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