• 14 February 2011 13:24:48

    File tags and you

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Perhaps one of the most under used features on the Nexus sites is the file tagging and searching system. In a nut-shell file tagging allows files to be categorised much more deeply than just being placed in a single category that may contain thousands of files. It's a great way to drill down in to the thousands of mods on the Nexus sites and look for something much more specific using the "Tag Search" link found in the right navigation.

    There is however an issue with the amount of untagged files on the sites. Files can be tagged by both file authors and logged in members; if an author tags a file it becomes instantly tagged where as 3 normal members need to approve a tag for a file before it becomes confirmed. A confirmed tag allows that file to be found using the tag search. The current number of tagged files on the sites is as follows:

    • TESNexus: 8,868 tagged files out of 24,393 = 37%
    • FO3Nexus: 4,644 tagged files out of 11,049 = 42%
    • DANexus: 953 tagged files out of 1,606 = 59%
    • NVNexus: 2794 tagged files out of 4,530 = 62%

    Those figures would suggest that the smaller percentages on TESNexus and FO3Nexus are a result of the tagging system being introduced after many files had been uploaded and authors had moved on from the scene. These files become the responsibility of the community to tag themselves. As a result I have added the number of tags a file has to the Tags tab on a file page (bracketed as usual). Files that have no tags will be highlighted red so that you know this file needs tagging. Tagging files not only helps the community but, once confirmed, will give you Activity Points on the site.

    Having said that New Vegas Nexus was launched after the tagging system was introduced which suggests that close to 40% of mod authors are not tagging their files. Tagging your files increases their visibility in the community so more people can find your files and it takes about 20 seconds to do. There's no reason not to!

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