• 11 February 2011 1:32:13

    Some Skyrim information

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    As most of you should know Bethesda has released information containing the release date of the next Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim, which is 11/11/11. Easy enough to remember, right? As with every iteration of the series Bethesa are planning to upgrade pretty much all of the systems from Oblivion for Skyrim.

    Skyrim will contain a new menu that is supposed to look and feel better than vanilla Oblivion's... well, not so good interface. Other new features include forging your own weapons and some new creatures such as the Ice Wraith and trolls. Similarly Todd Howard has explained the combat system where he confirms that dual-wielding will be possible.

    The speed at which the player can run backwards has been reduced so the player can't just walk backwards and avoid hits. Shields will no longer be of much help by just holding it down; you'll have to meet the opponent's strikes with your shield. If you do hold it down, however, it will cause a shield bash which may stagger your opponent. Stealth and bows have also received an overhaul; Ammunition damage has been increased, but in turn has been made more scarce where as a successful sneak attack may do severe damage and kill an enemy in a single hit. Daggers are also getting boosted so the thieves may not be so weak anymore.

    Magic is also getting an upgrade. When you hold the same spell in both hands rather than wielding a weapon it gets a power boost at the cost of more magicka. It can also be a stream of magicka instead of a projectile. Mysticism has been removed and it's spells absorbed into the other schools. Duelling with magic is much harder than before and attacking and defending must be timed to be successful.

    Let's hope these features all remain in the final game!

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