• 8 November 2010 15:27:52

    Multipart upload functionality for large file authors

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    One of the issues with the Nexus sites has always been the 300mb file size limit for files. It meant that authors with files larger than this amount would have to split the files up in to multiple parts before they could be uploaded to the site. To make matters worse the part names were renamed by the file upload process that screwed up the multipart functionality meaning the end user would have to manually rename the files once they were all downloaded. There was no way of grouping up the parts under one file entry either so these files ended up looking cluttered and disorganised.

    To remedy this there are now new options for all file uploaders to help facilitate the multipart upload process. While slightly complicated these new features will enable large file authors to upload their multipart archives without the files losing their multipart extensions, meaning no more manual renaming of files by the end user. Similarly all parts of a single file will now be grouped together for easy downloading.

    In related news there's also a new "version" field for all file uploaders. The file version will display under the file details and will also be added to the filename that user's download.

    Tidbit of info for anyone who didn't know: the files you download from the site won't come with the original file's name included because they can often be long, and long file names plus deep saving directories equals problems in many operating systems. However the file ID is included in the filename. The file naming process goes --.

    If you extract the portion of the file name you can tap that in to the site using the URL http://www.TheSiteI' and hey presto, that's the file entry you downloaded from.

    Please let me know any bugs with the new upload process.

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