• 17 October 2010 18:13:10

    New Vegas Nexus launched

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of the 4th Nexus site on the internet; New Vegas Nexus (NVNexus). NVNexus will be covering the files for Fallout: New Vegas that is being developed by Obsidian and published by Bethesda.

    New Vegas is due to launch on Steam and through video game retailers on the 19th of October 2010 in the US and select other countries and the 22nd in the UK and other countries. Not bought the game yet? Consider buying the game through our affiliate store that includes major retailers Amazon, Best Buy, Game and Game Station. Every purchase helps support the running of all the Nexus sites at no extra cost to you.

    As the game isn't due for release for a couple more days things are going to be a little sparse around the site. Don't forget we'll also need to give the talented modding community some time to actually play the game as well as to get to grips with whatever new features the G.E.C.K. for New Vegas possesses. Hopefully we'll start seeing some early tweaks soon after release but lets give it some time, yeah?

    Modders please remember to only setup a visible file page if you have something to upload to it. No placeholders or Work-In-Progress files of what you plan to add to the game. Lets keep it nice and clean. It's good to see the few file entries already added have been set to "hidden" as we await the release of the game.

    The site has been launched early to simply put a hand up and say "hey, yep, we're ready and waiting!". In the mean-time pop in to the fresh New Vegas forums set up for the new site and have a little chat about what you're looking forward to. Remember your account works across all the Nexus sites so you don't need to register a new account to log in to New Vegas Nexus.

    Oh, and look out for a modding competition to be announced soon regarding the celebration of the 2.5 millionth member to register on the Nexus sites. We're a week or two off our 2 millionth member now as it is. Prizes galore, I promise.

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