• 19 March 2010 23:39:10

    Where do you buy your games and hardware?

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Many major online retailers have an affiliate system linked to them by which they offer small percentage based commissions to sites that refers paying customers to them. Take for example a site like Amazon. If you click a link on someone's website to Amazon and then proceed to buy something off the site the referring website will be given a small percentage of the total sale in commission. You don't pay extra. You don't do anything differently. You don't even know you've done it. But a commission is paid to the referring site.

    This is something I would like to explore further on Nexus sites as it's currently an untapped revenue source that, if used by the member-base of the site, could bolster funding for the sites and allow me to continue to improve on the services here. As it is the current server bill alone costs $4,200/month.

    Top of my list right now is to get one or more file servers based in Europe for the EU users of the Nexus sites. However EU bandwidth is more expensive than US bandwidth and requires more funds hence why I'm looking for more non-intrusive revenue streams for the sites.

    So this is a call out to all the users of Nexus sites who buy their games and hardware online asking "where do you buy your computer stuff from?". In the UK we have GAME, GamesStation and for video games and Dabs, Novatech, EBuyer and Overclockers for hardware as well as typical online platforms like Steam. In the US I know is a major hardware player, but where do you buy your games and hardware online? How about Canadians and Europeans outside of the UK? Where do you get your online purchases from?

    With Fallout New Vegas around the corner, for example, it would be great if those people who were going to buy the game online and at applicable retailers could do it through Fallout 3 Nexus and thus help out the sites. It's all very simple and could really help me out.

    More to follow as I receive feedback from the community. Thank you.

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