• 5 February 2010 2:33:37

    Site problems - 5th Feb 2010

    posted by Dark0ne Game News
    Let me apologise for the spate of problems that have occured today from about 4pm GMT onwards. That time honoured favourite of mine, sod's law, exposed its ugly head again as I worked to fix an issue with the forums. Naturally fixing one minor problem produces one much larger problem to deal with.

    After my supposed fix earlier in the day it turns out that the table indexes on forum posts (including file/image comments) became out of synch causing all sorts of problems; like posts not being made, duplicate posts being made and users having editing access to other people's posts. What fun!

    In an attempt to fix this issue I've rebuilt the indexes and have had to remove some 250 odd posts that had duplicate IDs, which means if you've posted on the site sometime today then your post might not be there any more. You might want to double-check!

    Normally I'd be happy to stick this update in the announcements forum but I'm looking for a bit of feedback to make sure that this problem isn't still here. I've tested out the comments/forums as much as possible but if you come across any new problems then please leave a comment in this thread detailing the issue.


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