• 4 January 2010 20:55:25

    New Premium Member server and server stability update

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The new year is upon us and with it comes its share of joys and jolts.

    First things first the move to the new file server architecture is now complete and there are now 4 file servers for the 3 Nexus sites. Please insure that you try and pick servers with the least number of users on them; although one location might be closer to you than the others the file speeds are still currently capped at 150kb/sec so it really shouldn't matter too much.

    On a similar note there is now a second Premium Member only server available to all current and new Premium Members. One server is located in Denver, USA and the other in Kent, UK. Premium members who have been experiencing slightly slow speeds on the old premium server might like to try out the new premium servers and see what they think. And remember the premium only servers support download accelerators/managers so you can pump those download speeds right up with a simple plugin like Down Them All.

    With the outstanding success of Dragon Age Nexus the current server setup is getting very strained at times trying to keep up with all the people visiting the sites. This is what the IPS Driver Errors you might be receiving are being caused by. I'm constantly reviewing the situation and making small tweaks here and there and I'm busy working on a fundamental recode of the sites to work with the leap from 2.36 to 3.0.6 Invision Board (which is what the sites link up with for member/posting functions). I'm also in discussions with my current providers to look at the server architecture again. But rest assured it's being looked in to and we're all experiencing these problems.

    One quick note: if you're getting errors when trying to download files then DO NOT refresh the page continiously in a short space of time. You'll get locked out of downloading that file ever again. Please just be patient and come back again in an hour or so.

    Happy new year folks. I hope you're all as busy as me!

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