• 22 October 2009 18:38:35

    Changes to the comments section of files

    posted by Dark0ne Mod News
    After reading through the feedback provided for the new commenting system I have released an update to the system that should hopefully satisfy the worries expressed with the new system while still providing a mini-forum ability to those uploaders who are looking for some better and more organised feedback on their files.

    I have brought back the old "Comments" tab on files while adding a new tab to the file pages called "Discussions". All simple comments and feedback can be directed to the "Comments" tab as before while the mini-forum discussion area can be used for more precise and topical discussion should it be necessary.

    The discussion area can be disabled in your file attributes without affecting the commenting in the "Comments" thread. The aim was to please those authors who wanted a consolidated location for all posts as well as those authors who liked to split discussion in to different threads.

    The file management page has been updated to accommodate this change. The total number of comments in the "Comments" tab makes a return, as well as a new attribute that shows how many discussion topics there are for each file.

    Also worth a mention, posts made by the uploader of the file will now be highlighted by a gold border so users can easily pick out their posts.

    As always feedback is welcome.

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