• 2 October 2009 19:14:18

    New file commenting system

    posted by Dark0ne Game News
    Fresh from my trip to Vegas I have now updated the file commenting system here at TESNexus. The change is immediate and every file with comments enabled will be influenced by this change. Let me run you through it...

    There is now a new option for file uploaders when they add or edit file pages to the site. This entry sets whether you would like other members to be able to create new topics for commenting. The entire commenting system has been changed to incorporate topics. There is no longer only one thread in which all comments go in to. Instead the author and (if enabled) other members can create topics, much like you would on the forums, in which to discuss particular areas of a file.

    If you're a particularly tight file uploader then you might like to disable the "Allow users to start new comment topics" and instead opt to create your own comment topics for users to comment in. This might be particularly attractive to authors who'd like to have a clutter free commenting system where they can setup specific threads for "Feedback" , "Troubleshooting", "Improvements" etc.. Alerternatively authors might like to allow other members to create their own topics to raise their problems or feedback in. Whatever you choose as an author the default is set to allow all members to create new topics in the file comments, so if you don't want this then go in to your file attributes and change the setting immediately.

    Clicking on a topic title will allow you to view all the comments made in that particular topic and comment in that topic much like you would have commented on a file before this recent change.

    All endorsements go in a seperate topic created when the file page is added so long as endorsements are enabled for the file. This topic is pinned to the top of the board. As an author you can also pin your own or other's topics to the top of your comments section so they're more prominent by others and not affected by the "bumping" of other, non-pinned topics through new posts.

    As there is now no easy way to count the total number of comments for a file the number of comments has been removed from the "Manage files" section. Perhaps the most overlooked feature by uploaders is the ability to order your uploaded files by the date of the last comment using the "Organise" tool. Organise your files by "Last Comment" "Desc" and the files with the latest new comments will be shown first. The last comment date is the first attribute of your file, the one above the number of endorsements.

    As always reporting feedback and troubleshooting/error messages is appreciated as I almost always overlook something. This feature is being rolled out on TESNexus first for beta and then published later to FO3Nexus.

    Millionth member competition winners announcement to follow soon!

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