• 17 September 2009 15:10:06

    Uploading Issues !

    posted by buddah Site News
    There appears to be an issue with the download servers not updating with new uploads. It appears to be an issue with the servers being out of sync and I have posted in the staff forums for Dark0ne to take a look at the issue....when he checks in. He is presently out of town and does not have his normal internet acccess, so when he tells the staff anything I will be posting a followup here as well.

    We are aware of the issues, they are available on the premium only server, but the others do not seem to be updating immediately. Wait an hour after the file is uploaded and give that a try. The extremely large files seem to not update even after waiting. I have posted this for information so all can be made aware of the present circumstances.

    This is something that only Dark0ne can check and please be patient. None of the staff has access to this aspect/portion of the site. A mistake back in the black hole could have devastating results so we will have to wait for Dark0ne.

    Thanks for your understanding.


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