• 25 July 2009 11:21:09

    Forum server issues [Updated again]

    posted by Dark0ne Game News
    The main hard drive on the forum server is on the brink of failing, much like the Fallout 3 Nexus file server hard drive did. To make matters a little more interesting I have already begun plans to reconsolidate the webservers here in the UK on some much more powerful hardware and given my current provider their notice. This means that a server move will be taking place around the middle of August and my hope was that the forum hard drive would hold out until then.

    Sadly I'm not sure it will as it continues to put out at random intervals causing all the non-registration and commenting issues the site is currently experiencing. It's a beggar. I've scheduled a disk check to be run on the forum server around 10am GMT tomorrow, which will bring the forum server down for a couple of hours. This means the forums, as well as registration and commenting will not be possible during this time.

    These things happen, and the good news is the new hardware will be more redudant and secure than the current hardware. The file servers themselves will remain in the US.

    Please bare with us while we go through this difficult phase.

    Update 31st July @ midday GMT: The harddrive is going through a full diagnostic at the data centre which is taking a long time. It's been going for about 12 hours and only completed about 55%, what's worse is it's coming back clean so far. So there's still some time to wait on that front.

    For me this comes at a bad time; I'm currently moving out my student house that I've been living in the past 3 years while also running all sorts of errands for my brother's wedding, which is tomorrow, in which I am the best man.

    I'm afraid you're all going to have to wait a little bit longer and just hang in there. All the data is backed up so no worries there. I'm going to quickly try and jump in to some of the site code now and disable some of the features on the site that won't be working to avoid confusion, inbetween having a shower and running on back home to do a rehearsal for the wedding tomorrow. Fun times.

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