• 14 June 2009 17:51:28

    Mod authors, your files might need reuploading/updating

    posted by Dark0ne Game News
    The file database became corrupted today due to a user error at 5PM GMT today at which point the site was taken offline pending a backup restore. Unfortunately recent backups had also been affected by the glitch that meant a 13 day old backup had to be used to restore the lost file data.

    The only data affected by this issue was the actual uploaded file data, that is information on files uploaded to the database. Not file descriptions/images/comments/ratings/etc.. As such any files uploaded to the site within the past fortnight will now be lost, unfortunately, and will need to be reuploaded. Similarly individual file download statistics will be lost but the total download counter will remain unaffected.

    All other information has been unaffected and mod authors who have uploaded new files, or made edits to their current uploaded files in the past fortnight are recommended to ensure their files are present and up to date. If they aren't then I'm afraid the only solution is to reupload the file in question.

    I apologise for this inconvenience; naturally steps are being taken to insure this situation doesn't happen again.

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