• 23 May 2009 0:26:24

    Changes to soliciting ratings/file of the month votes

    posted by Dark0ne Mod News
    The matter of people requesting others to rate and vote for their files as file of the month has been discussed several times within the staff forums over the years. With the introduction of the files of the month section authors have begun to notice that they can get more people to vote for their files if they ask people to do it, and provide a link to the process, at the top of their file description. Now, this was fine because we made no mention of whether it was allowed or not.

    However I've decided to add in a few new checks on file ratings and votes to prevent authors from doing this from now on. Why you ask? Well, because only the people that are asking for votes are getting in to the top 5 of the files of the month section. This isn't a god awful terrible thing, but I'd rather every author had the oppurtunity to get their files in to the top sections without having to solicit votes and ratings from users.

    This will be offset in the near future by a new feature that will allow users to better see what files they have and haven't rated and whether they have voted for a file of the month (with some gentle encouragement if they haven't). This functionality will go hand-in-hand with a complete overhaul of the rating system in general, due to be worked on after I've finished my 4th and final year of exams at university. I haven't got £15k in to debt with student loans to throw it all away now!

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