• 20 April 2009 12:30:36

    Millionth member modding competition

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The Nexus sites are very close to hitting the million member milestone which is an exciting achievement for myself and the other staff here at the Nexus. We started accumulating members back in July of 2003 when Morrowind Source was launched and the site has been receiving a steady flow of new members each day since then.

    The millionth member milestone is greatly coveted by me. As the owner of the site it makes me proud to see so many people registering to make use of the site's features and download modifications for some truely awesome games. But most of all the milestone is a trophy for the strong support of the modding communities behind Morrowind, Oblivion and Fallout 3. Traffic figures on TESNexus have far surpassed those of March/April 2006 in recent months, which is amazing considering the game is now 3 years old. Similarly the Fallout 3 community continues to expand, develop and mature.

    So how are we going to celebrate this monumental occasion? What better way than to get the creativity flowing and set an old school Oblivion and Fallout 3 modding competition for all to enter, complete with some prizes of the monetary nature straight out of the Nexus war kitty!

    The theme for the competition revolves around that of the Oblivion and Fallout 3 community respectively. I want modifications that contain unique and innovative representations of members or locations within the community that have influenced your time within the community in a positive way. Perhaps you’d like to make a tavern on some well travelled road containing NPCs representing your favourite community members, or maybe a companion mod with a representation of Buddah wielding a mighty hammer of bannage + 5. Maybe, just maybe, even a quest mod to save your friends from the evil clutches of the worm like Dark0ne? The idea is to make something fun and interesting with the emphasis on including your community friends. It’s all about the community, folks!

    For full details on what to do and how to enter go visit the competition page. Top prize for winners is a $125 voucher, with $75 prizes for runner-ups and $50 prizes for mods with the highest potential. The competition closes 50 days after the site hits the millionth member mark, so get your thinking caps on!

    For those without the creative edge or time to create modifications for Oblivion or Fallout 3 you can always become a fan of Nexus sites on Facebook. All people who become fans up until the closing date of the competition will be entered in to a prize draw for a £30 voucher.

    Further updates will come as the millionth member mark is reached. Happy modding.

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