• 27 March 2009 16:57:56

    Changes to the way files are organised and displayed

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The way in which files uploaded to the site are organised, sorted and displayed to both file uploaders and downloads has been changed.

    Most importantly I have adopted a new category based system for organising the uploaded files that is changable by the owners of the files. There are five file categories.
    • Main files. Files the user actually needs in order for the file to operate properly
    • Updates. Files that are used to update from an old version of the file to a newer version.
    • Optional files. Files that might improve or expand on the user experience but aren't necessary in order for the file to work properly.
    • Old versions. Out-dated versions of the file in question.
    • Miscellaneous. Files that don't fit into the other categories.

    Files are now organised in the files tab based on these categories.

    The way in which the files are sorted has also changed. All files are now sorted in alphabetical order within their respective categories and the "primary file" system has been removed. If you wish to have your uploaded files shown in a specific order then I'd recommend using a number and hyphen system. For example "1 - Main file" , "2 - Next file".

    Lastly all new files uploaded to the site from here-on-in will have a date stamp placed on them so all users can see when the file was uploaded. At the moment all files uploaded before this point will have a non-applicable "N/A" indicator next to them as dates were not recorded before this point. I shall be looking at the viability of cross-referencing the first download dates of files and using this as the upload date for files over the coming days.

    As a legacy feature all currently uploaded files have been placed into the "Main files" category and ordered by primary file first, and then by alphabetical order. It is recommended authors organise their file uploads as soon as possible to avoid any possible confusion. This can be achieved by clicking the "Files" link on the Manage Your Files page and choosing the "Edit file" option under each file.

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