• 9 March 2009 10:51:07

    TESNexus records highest trafficked day of all time

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    In light of the recent server upgrades it seems only fitting that yesterday (Sunday, 8th March) was actually the highest trafficked day of all the site's history, dating back to August 2001.

    The last record was held by TESSource on the 5th of April 2006 (just after the launch of Oblivion) where the site clocked an impressive 75,489 unique visitors.

    Yesterday set the record at 76,396 unique visitors and only stands to confirm the longetivity of Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series, and personally a testament to just how important the modding community is to the continued success of the game almost 3 years on from Oblivion's original release. Bethesda themselves confirm a recent resurgence in playing figures on the XBox 360:

    Fun fact: the number of people playing Oblivion has gone up since this past December. While I can’t give the actual numbers, the number of folks playing Oblivion while logged onto Xbox Live has increased back to late 2006 levels (roughly 8 months after Oblivion shipped). There are lots of reasons why this may be - 360 user base is larger now, Fallout 3 fans going back to Oblivion or trying out Oblivion, Oblivion is cheaper/on sale, etc…

    So good news all around I'd say.

    The high traffic figures have also been a great benchmark for the recent server move. Hopefully everybody can agree that the server(s) have been far more stable since the move, with far less IPS Driver Errors. I haven't actually seen any myself, but some forum users have reported a couple. Hopefully much much less than before.

    The forum software had some extra memory pumped into it yesterday too, so hopefully that should bolster it up even more.

    Sunday 16th of March sets another new record at 77,764 unique visitors, beating last weeks highest ever total by more than 1,000 visitors.

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