• 5 March 2009 12:04:54

    File server issues and consolidation

    posted by Dark0ne Game News
    When it rains, it pours! I am aware of the current issues with the file servers for both TESNexus and FO3Nexus. This is a completely unrelated issue to the down-time and work that went on yesterday and revolves around a financial move by myself to consolidate the current servers.

    Several ISPs are currently in a price war with their 100mbit unmetered services that has brought prices right down. As a result TESNexus and FO3Nexus are being taken down to 1 file server each, along with an addtional premium server, but with a higher throughput than originally available. The current issue lies with the ISP incorrectly locking the network connection at 10mbit rather than 100mbit (so there's some major congestion going on!) and is being looked into as we speak.

    The London based servers are being taken offline; bandwidth in the UK costs about twice as much as the US at this time, and what with being in a recession and all it is important I consolidate the available resources and save pennies where-ever possible, even if it's at the expense of some user comforts. A site that works, but is slightly slower, is better than no site at all! This also includes the premium server, which will be taken offline some time next month and replaced by a server in Texas. The Texas premium server will be available within the next week, so for a month or so premium members will have two servers to choose from!

    It's important to point out that these are preemptive measures in light of the economic climate and I'm not taking a negative approach to expanding and supporting these sites.

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