• 22 December 2008 20:40:03

    Data Center issues causing problems with the site

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    It has come to my attention that my main web server provider is having some quite major issues, so much so that even their main website is down for me. For those with a technical mind I haven't gotten around to setting my own name servers up since the site move a couple of weeks back and so my domains DNS reside at my server provider. Since they've gone down the domains no longer route to where they should.

    Sites affected include the file servers and Fallout 3 Nexus. TESNexus and the forums, interestingly enough, still seem to be operational.

    Hopefully this issue will be resolved by the server provider as soon as possible. To make matters worse I'm booked in with the girlfriend tonight and will not be at a workable PC until tomorrow.

    I apologise for the issues but for once it's not my fault and, of course, yet again, it has come at a bad time.

    I'll update you all tomorrow but in the mean time, please direct people who haven't read this announcement (especially on the official forums) to this news post if possible. Thank you.

    I've just checked up on the sites before hitting the sack and they all seem to be working again. Hopefully that's good news and there will be no further problems.

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