• 20 November 2008 2:09:51

    Nexus reaches 750,000 registered members

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    It's milestone time again, and a couple of days back TESNexus (and now FO3Nexus!) reached the 750,000 registered members mark. The last milestone of 500,000 members was reached on January 2nd 2008, the 250,000 member milestone was reached on October 13th 2006 and the 100,000 member milestone was reached on the 30th of March 2006, so registration rates are increasing.

    The recent launch of FO3Nexus helped to more than douple the daily registration numbers from 800 new members a day up to 1800 new members registering each and every day and thus speed up the march to this latest milestone. The next one is a biggy, the big one million!

    Sadly I missed the actual milestone date because I was busy sorting out all the server move issues, that are now resolved, so it's a nice "trophy" to top off a successful and worthwhile server move. Thanks everybody.

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