• 11 November 2008 16:12:49

    Scheduled site down-time for 8 hours

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    As a follow up to my last news article on FO3Nexus in which I detail the reasons why the two Nexus sites are performing slowly I have hammered out a deal with my main server provider for a new rack provisioning that should better accommodate both sites while providing me with ample room for expansion in the future.

    In order for me to make the transition into this new server rack I will need to bring both sites, as well as the forums, down during the move. This is to insure that the versions of the sites on the new servers are not out-of-date compared to the current sites. All your files and information will be safe during this period.

    I have set aside a very liberal 8 hours for this down-time that should provide ample room for unforeseen circumstances to get ironed out, with a 4 hour expected down-time should everything go according to plan. As the sites will be moving server this time may increase depending on your ISP and how quickly their DNS caches update their information for the sites. During the down-time a catch-all redirect will be on all sites to insure everybody is aware of the situation.

    As the servers are still being setup at the data centre I cannot give an actual time for the down-time starting, but I want to get this done as soon as possible. Down-time could start anytime over the coming few days, depending on my lecture schedule and when the servers are fully ready for the transfer.

    As always all files and databases are backed up on 4 servers in three different data centres on two seperate continents, so I like to think your files are hardware failure/fire/tornado/tidal wave/zombie invasion safe.

    Apologies for the inconvenience, but fingers crossed this shall be the last of the issues for the Nexus sites for the foreseeable future.

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