• 19 September 2008 12:50:56

    Image Share section overhaul and investigation

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Unfortunately it seems that the "few spoiling it for the many" once again applies to TESNexus, this time in regards to the Image Share section of the site. Certain users of the site have been deliberately rating their own images high and other users's images low with multiple accounts in order to skew the top 25 images and/or persue personal vendettas against other members of the site.

    First of all having multiple accounts on TESNexus is not allowed and in most cases will mean all accounts will be banned from the site entirely. Secondly deliberately rating your own or other user's images high or low in order to try and fiddle the top 25 to your liking is not only pathetic, but bannable. It stands against everything this site and community is about. People who want to partake in these actions are not welcome here. Thirdly, people taking it upon themselves to try and get revenge against these pathetic individuals are also not welcome here. We have strict rules against vigilantism and the saying goes "our way, or the high way".

    If you don't like how we work then please just leave and don't look back. If you think things need changing then leave a respectable message on the forums and wait and see; if you don't get your way it isn't your right to try and screw things up on the site in an attempt to get your way. If anything it will simply fill me with enough contempt to remove the feature from the site entirely.

    Until I get around to making changes to the Image Share section (that have been in the pipeline for months) all image ratings are disabled along with the top images list. I apologise to those mature users of the site who have been enjoying the Image Share section. Hopefully you'll appreciate the situation and will enjoy the new features and changes made when they're launched.

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