• 18 August 2008 17:18:54

    TESNexus 7 year anniversary

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    This week in August marks the yearly anniversary of TESNexus in all its incarnations, dating back to August 2001 when Morrowind Chronicles was first launched. Now 7 years old, TESNexus is still here and still going just as strong as ever (infact the site beat the old daily unique visitors record by 2,000, up to 64,000, just last Sunday!).

    That's thanks to what I consider to be the strongest modding community in all the gaming industry. That may sound a bit sensationalist, but point me in the direction of a gaming community that can boast a catalogue of 11,367 modifications (not including save games) with an average increase of 18 new uploads a day on this site alone. Similarly TESNexus welcomes over 800 new members every single day with the trend increasing rather than decreasing; so don't let people tell you that the Elder Scrolls community is dwindling, if the stats this site can give are anything to go by the community is getting larger, not smaller.

    TESNexus had humble beginnings in Morrowind Chronicles which was launched as a general information site for Morrowind complete with a small but tight-knit group of forum regulars. In 2003 Morrowind Chronicles changed to become Morrowind Source and in 2005 the site became The Elder Scrolls Source to accommodate both Morrowind and the soon to be released Oblivion. In September 2007 the site made its last name change to The Elder Scrolls Nexus.

    7 years is a long time and I'd like to thank Bethesda for making such awesomely modifiable games (damnit if Fallout 3/ESV doesn't have a construction set I'm gonna crack some skulls!), the greater Elder Scrolls community, both mod authors and downloaders, for their commitment to their work and play, the TESNexus community for sticking around and making it a place worth socialising in, and of course the dedicated staff here at TESNexus who keep this site clean and tidy.

    To pay homage to this special occasion and thank you all for making the site what it is I have remmoved the advertisements on this site for a 24 hour period for all members. The adverts were removed at 12 noon BST today and will remain off the site until noon tomorrow.

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