• 4 August 2008 19:41:50

    Old poll results, new poll up!

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The old poll is now down and the results are in. Here's the info:

    Battle of the browsers; which browser do you preferably use at home?

    Fire Fox - 12229 votes (66%)
    Internet Explorer - 4000 votes (21%)
    Opera - 1736 votes (9%)
    Other - 360 votes (1%)

    As you can see Fire Fox has a clear market cut in the Elder Scrolls community!

    The next site poll sees a return to a question I asked back in August of 2007, so it seems only right to ask the same question a year on as the game nears launch. Are you going to buy Bethesda's upcoming game, Fallout 3? It might not be Elder Scrolls related but I am interested to know how many of the Elder Scrolls faithful are going to venture into another of Bethesda's games. I know I'll be giving Fallout 3 a go.

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