• 16 July 2008 12:30:00

    Premium Membership and paying via PayPal's eCheque

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    There is currently an issue with the subscription system on the forums for Premium Members who are paying via the "eCheque" system on Pay Pal. eCheques are like normal cheques in that they take a few days to clear before the money enters my account and the current software can't keep track of when the eCheque money has cleared. As a result accounts stay as "pending payment" on the site rather than upgrading to Premium status.

    If you believe you are a victim of this problem please get in contact with me either by forum PM or using the contact forum on the site. I can manually upgrade your account as well as add-on any time that may have been lost.

    I value the people who support this site very highly as you are the people who keep this site running to a respectable standard! To learn more about becoming a premium member visit the premium membership information page.

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