• 1 July 2008 23:53:53

    Images in file listings, new preference option for all members

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    This evening I have updated all the file listing pages (files shown in categories and search results) to now show the primary image thumbnail for the files listed. Clicking the image thumbnail will automatically take you to the image tab on the file page for that particular file. Files without images or with no primary image will show the standard "none yet" placeholder. This change is effective for users who are using both the standard "block" and non-standard "flat" layout modes that are both available to all members via the preferences section.

    On that note I am aware that there are people still using dial-up on the site, or people with strict bandwidth caps that might have a reduced experience on the site due to this update. For these members there is a new preference option on the preferences page that allows you to turn off images on file listings, helping to reduce the bandwidth necessary to browse this site at a good speed. By default the setting is set to on for all members.

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