• 11 June 2008 13:24:29

    New poll added, old poll results

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    A new poll is up on the site with a bit of a grudge match. Which browser do you use out of preference (as opposed to being forced into using a particular browser at work)? I can look at my tracking figures, but I know lots of people are IE users at work and FireFox users at home. Cast your vote and let the best Fire Fox win!

    As for the old poll, there were no surprises as Role-Playing Games topped the list of users favourite game genres. Here are the results.

    FPS - 2413 votes (15%)
    MMORPG - 2260 votes (14%)
    Puzzle - 107 votes (0%)
    Racing - 167 votes (1%)
    Role-Playing Games - 8894 votes (58%)
    Strategy - 1014 votes (6%)
    Other - 471 votes (3%)

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