• 26 March 2008 15:17:12

    Tamriel Rebuilt; Telvannis beta v2.0 released!

    posted by Povuholo Mod News
    At last, the long awaited update to Tamriel Rebuilt map 1 has been released today. The big difference between this beta and the last one? It has quests now! This version doesn't add all the quests yet, but more than enough to keep us entertained for a while.

    Go get it now!

    As always, the Tamriel Rebuilt team is recruiting new modders for the project (For both Morrowind and Oblivion), so feel free to help them a hand if you can!
    "TR is still recruiting! If you have any interest in seeing this project coming to fruition, you might want to consider helping us out. Texturing, modelling, exteriors, interiors, scripting, dialogue or simply play-testing; if you can do it, we want to hear from you!"

    I am not affiliated with the Tamriel Rebuilt project in any way, I'm just spreading the good news. Cheers!

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