• 18 March 2008 3:01:06


    posted by buddah Site News
    TesNexus is based on the free exchange of ideas and materials in support of "The Elderscrolls Community", and as a rule does not censor any uploaded images or materials. The basic premise is this; If we were to remove a file because any individual or group of individuals find something offensive, the site would eventually have no files available for download, as someone will always take offense to whatever is offered.

    With the above being stated there will be exceptions, the most inportant is violating the Terms of Service for the site.

    The Admin, Staff and Moderators will take whatever immediate action as they deem necessary at the time to preclude a situation becoming disruptive to the operations of the site. This will in most cases result in the file page in question immediately being set hidden from public viewing, to allow the staff to make a determination as to the corrective action that needs to be taken. The owner, admin, staff and moderators reserve the right to remove any comment, image, file or member that we deem necessary to ensure the smooth and stable operations of the site.

    These actions are not open for debate and as you may feel you have a right to freedom of speech TesNexus is not required to provide you with an open platform for your oration.

    If you find something that you feel is offensive, please do not respond, retaliate or fan the flames use the "Report" button so appropriate action can be taken.


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