• 9 March 2008 23:54:11

    A reminder on NSFW files and images

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    It has been two months now since the "adult only" tag was added to files and images on the site. The idea was to prevent children, people who do not want to see adult content or users at work from stumbling on to a page or image that contained what would be considered "NSFW" (Not Safe For Work) content.

    Uploaders are required to set the "Adult only" content at their own disgression and should take the stance of a person who works in an office with people looking over his or her shoulder; what would you want your co-workers to see you looking at? It's bad enough you're looking at Oblivion and Morrowind files and images at work, but Oblivion and Morrowind charaters with their breasts hanging out or with decapitations galore going on? I think that's worse!

    So please take this as a friendly reminder that setting adult content (nudity ... including BUMS, very excessive gore, etc.) is a requirement on this site. Almost everybody has been brilliant at doing this and I like to think the people that aren't are simply unaware of the change. I've already sent out PMs to those people who haven't worked it out yet. It'll save LHammonds, Buddah and myself some time and keep the site running spick and span.


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