• 12 February 2008 23:18:06

    Security changes, limits on downloads per file and other tidbits

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The past few days have been a bit of a fixer session for me on the site. Here's a quick run-down of the fixes that didn't make the news until now because they were a little small:

    • Ordering files by rating will now recognise files with a rating of 10, and order them by their total ratings too, so files with the same rating will be ordered by the number of ratings they have
    • Morrowind mods are now properly recognised on the Updates Recently log
    • A fix was applied to stop duplicate entries for the same file appearing on the Updates Today page
    • A fix was applied to the "Give editing access to other members" feature on the "Edit File" page that allows you to give editing access to a single other member on the site
    • There is now a new section under your uploaded files for files that you have editing access to, as governed by the "Give editing access to other members" feature on specific files

    If you find a bug on this site or you believe a feature is not working as intended please use the feedback forum to make it known. I cannot fix a problem if I do not know about it!

    Buddah brought my attention to another problem on the site that requires a mention. There are a few files on this site that have come victim to the nasty site bots from Russia and China. These are nasty bitches that deliberate autonomously spam the site in order to leech its bandwidth in an attempt to bring the site down. You can recognise such files by checking the total downloads counter against the total views counter; if the downloads are greatly higher than the views then a bot has been trying to get its way with the site via this file.

    This is not the uploaders fault and steps are being taken to identify the files that have unrealistic download counters and to try and provide a more accurate reading.

    In response to this issue I have tightened security on the site and added a few flood control features to the downloading code. A limit of 50 downloads has been placed on files so that members and guests can only download a single file a maximum of 50 times before they are blocked from downloading. Similarly members logged as hitting this limit are automatically moved to a seperate member group, "Suspects", so I can further monitor their activity.

    Around 10:30pm GMT security checks on the login cookies were placed on all pages of the site, consolidating the site security. Some members might have been a bit scared when redirected to a "You've been banned" page. I apologise for this, the blurb was misleading and has since been changed.

    These changes should help further the accuracy of stats, the prevention of bandwidth leeches and aggressive bots, and the security of the site.

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