• 31 January 2008 18:23:44

    Files of the month launched

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The original File of the Month feature at TESSource has now been relaunched as the Files of the Month. The system is simple; every member of the site has a single vote they can cast for the file of their choice each month. This vote can be changed at any time and the highest voted mods each month enter the "Hall of Fame" of sorts on the site.

    I will decide on exactly how many files enter the Hall of Fame each month depending on the turn-out of votes for the month of February. I'm guessing it'll probably be the top 2 or 3 files.

    The original winners of the monthly competition are already on the page and winners cannot be voted for again in order to help publicise as many files as possible.

    To help facilitate user knowledge of this feature, as well as the "Report file" feature on the site I have removed the "Options" tab on file pages and there is now an options pane above the main content area. The hope is users will make use of these two features more now that they're right infront of them.

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