• 10 January 2008 22:18:47

    Profiles, kudos and you

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    I have finally gotten around to producing a proper member profile page for all the members of this site that is accessible via file and image pages. You should now find that clicking on a file author's name, a comment author's name or an image uploader's name will take you to their profile on the site. Profiles contain voluntary personal information about members as well as account statistics so you can see how active the member is. The page also has a tabbed menu so you can see all the member's uploaded files and images (if they have any) at a quick glance. Hopefully some people will find this feature helpful.

    If you would like to fill out your profile information already you can do so easily by going to your profile settings page.

    With the new member profiles comes the return of the kudos system that was first introduced back with TESSource. Kudos is a way of showing appreciation to other members of the site. You can give one kudos point per member and you cannot give negative kudos. You can take back kudos points you have given should you so wish. A member's kudos points are visible next to their name in file uploads, comments, their profile and on the forums. There should usually be links to give kudos either on the kudos points shown or nearby.

    No doubt I will get around to creating a "Top Kudos" list of some sorts in the near future.

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