• 5 January 2008 13:12:33

    Bandwidth leechers probable cause of recent issues

    posted by Dark0ne Game News
    After doing some grundgy looking around in the server log files I found a number of bandwidth leechers all originating from China. Bandwidth leechers cause mini Denial of Service attacks as they take up multiple (often 50+) connections and use up the servers entire bandwidth, meaning people either cannot connect to the server or download at very low transfer rates.

    Aside from IP banning these people, which isn't very preventative in this day and age, I will also be looking to limit the total number of connections each IP can open on the file server. This limit will probably be set at 3. What does this mean? Essentially, you will only be able to download 3 files at a time from a file server, or, if you use a download manager and have found a way to get it to work with this site, you will only be able to make 3 threads for your download.

    Hopefully we'll all be seeing faster downloads and less IPS Driver errors on the site very soon!

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