• 22 December 2007 19:55:43

    ModDB Mod of the Year 2007 -- Support Nehrim

    posted by Dark0ne Mod News
    The first stage of voting at the 2007 Mod of the Year awards at ModDB is over and it's now into the gritty stage. The contestants have been rounded down to 100 hopeful mods from a range of games. The only Oblivion mod to feature in the list is Nehrim: At Fate's Edge, a total conversion for the game, listed in the "Best upcoming mods" category.

    Now, I don't know where I, or the folks on the Nexus forums, have been, but this mod looks pretty damn cool. I'm not a regular at the official forums so this topic might have been beaten to death over there, or it's possible that because the mod is being made by Germans they don't really interact much with the English modding community, either way I hadn't heard of it before today, and it looks like I should have. Shame on all you people for not letting me know.

    Anyway, their site is meant to be at but the link isn't currently working for me. Either way take a look at their YouTube vid and try to tell me it doesn't look cool without knowing you're a tard.

    Linky to video

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