• 19 November 2007 19:11:07

    Action logs and file page layout changes

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Another updated feature has just been cranked out for the file database in the form of the action log. This is an updated version of the original Change Log feature of the site but provides more detailed information on specific updates that authors have made to their file entries. On top of this RSS feeds are available for the action logs of all files in the database, so those people who like to RSS it up can keep up-to-date with their favourite files through their RSS programs.

    Tied to this is the introduction of a new content navigation for the file pages themselves. The description, action log, image gallery and mirrors are now linked to a single content area that dynamically loads without having to reload the entire page. The idea is to reduce the amount of page loads you need to make to find out the information you want on files. It's possible I could add file comments to this system as well.

    There's more to come in the future.

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