• 14 November 2007 14:09:24

    Upload limit increased to 300MB plus a new upload progress meter

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Personally I think this update is quite an exciting one. Not only has the upload limit on the site been increased from 50MB to 300MB, but there is also a constantly updated upload meter available for all file uploads. The upload meter shows you how much of the file you have uploaded, how much there is to upload and the percentage of the file that has been uploaded, along with a simple bar display of the progress. I think this is a great improvement on the old system where no visible display was given of the file progress.

    Similarly there is now javascript validation on the upload form that insures that the proper format for filenames has been entered before the file upload begins. Once more, this is a great improvement on the old system where errors were displayed after the file had been uploaded.

    There seems to be a glitch on IE7 that means the progress meter and stats are not updated. I can't seem to find a fix for this problem at this time, and would be interested to hear if other browsers are experiencing the same issue. While the stats are not updated your file is still being uploaded, so just hang in there and the upload will complete irrespective of the problem.

    In the time old fashion of site updates for TESSource/TESNexus you, the users, are the true beta testers. This is a new feature and I cannot test every hardware and software configuration possible, so please make use of the feedback section of the forums to report problems. Please do not email me as I'm already swamped with emails!

    I hope mod authors can put these two updated features to good use.

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