• 22 October 2007 18:24:40

    Top contributers listing and recent updates log fix

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Forum member Abramul suggested creating a section of the site for the top contributers in my recent post regarding the "Gotta screencap them all!" mod competition. While a bit different from his idea, I have created a top contributers page on the site to list the members who are most active and adding the most content to the site. Current top lists include; top file uploaders, top file commentors, top file taggers, top file image uploaders, top image share uploaders and top forum posters.

    This new section is a precursor to further social development of TES Nexus, including a member page on the site that will provide people with handy links to all the user's uploaded files, forum posts/file comments and uploaded images as well as the welcome return of the kudos system.

    Also a few members have brought to my attention a problem with the recent updates page which has stopped updates being listed for this last weekend. I have fixed the problem in the script but unfortunately the log of the changes for this weekend has been lost. Sorry about that!

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