• 18 October 2007 19:55:24

    Download history, user uploaded file images, and a COMPETITION to win free stuff!

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    It's all happening today, folks!

    First of all I have completed the download history section of the site. This handy little page allows you to see all the files you have downloaded from the site since it was launched. This was originally intended to be a Premium Member only feature, but what with the awesome donations I have received from people the server is now more powerful and can now cope with all users having access to this feature. However, Premium members will still be the only ones who gain access to the upcoming file and author tracking systems.

    Now onto more exciting news; another new feature and a competition, with a PRIZE!

    I've recently started playing Oblivion again and have been looking for some decent mods to run the game on. Unfortunately I ran into a few snags, especially with things like weapons and armour. Unfortunately all the file images were lost when TESSource went down and many of the authors of these files have not returned to update their entries with new images, so many awesome mods can no longer be previewed first.

    During an "exciting" Operations Management lecture I started writing up plans for a new system that would allow general users of the site to upload images of mods in use. File uploaders have a new option available to them when editing or uploading files that allows them to choose from one of three options. (1) Allow images to be uploaded by other users indefinitely, without their moderation, (2) allows images to be uploaded by other users, but add the image to a "pending" queue that needs to be verified by the file uploader or (3) do not allow users to upload images for the file. By default all files have been set to the first option (upload indefinitely).

    The upload system is in place and you can now upload your own images for files either by clicking the "Add your own images" link under the "Actions" box on file pages, or on the actual image gallery pages themselves.

    But thats not all. Because I know some people just won't be bothered without some sort of impetus, from now until the end of November I am going to be running a competition, aptly named the "Gotta screencap them all!" competition. Open to all users, admin included, the user who uploads images for the most files will be bought a video game of their choice, costing no more than £35, or your local currency equivalent of £35. In the event that there is a draw between one or more entrants one user will be picked at random.

    Please note this competition is not about how many images you upload, but how many files you upload images for. Try to spot the difference! General rules include my decision is final, no cash alternative, and all images are subject to review from me (to make sure you're not just uploading rubbish images that aren't relevent to the file). Similarly only those images verified by the uploader of the file (where applicable) will count.

    Happy screencapping folks!

    PS. If you do not know how to take screenshots in Oblivion you might want to read the "Taking screenshots 101" information on the official forums. Alternatively just use a program like Fraps.

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