• 15 October 2007 14:32:29

    File authors: tag your files to confirm them

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    As mentioned a couple of days back the file tagging system is now up and running. All users who have uploaded files, are going to upload files, or admins of the site can tag their files themselves and completely ignore the voting system necessary to confirm tags. The original system remains the same; 3 agreements are necessary from users on a specific tag before it becomes confirmed, that is, before it can be found via the tag search feature, but on top of this the uploader of a file, or a site admin, simply needs to tag the file themselves to instantaneously confirm tags (bypassing the need for the 3 agreements from members). Once a tag is uploader or admin confirmed it cannot be voted for or against by users of the site.

    There is also a new convenient link to the tagging window for all your uploaded files in your member area. If you have already tagged your files and want to confirm the tags then first select the disagree option, then agree with it again.

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