• 8 October 2007 23:47:35

    What's happening?

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    Hi folks,

    Thought I would fill you all in on some different events and thoughts and ideas I've had recently. I've been in a few boring 2 hour lectures recently so have had the time to scribble down some notes!

    First of all the Image Share feature of the site is almost complete. I just need to do the rating system, comment system and make some aesthetic tweaks and then it'll be ready for release. As I mentioned when TES Nexus launched I could not save the images from TESSource in time and the image database will be completely empty. The Image Share feature was relatively new to TESSource when it went down, it was up for around 2 months in which time users uploaded around 3,000 images to the site. Hopefully the new Image Share should fill up again relatively quickly.

    Next, I have decided to allow users to choose between having the navigation all on the right, as it is by default, or on the left and right in a more traditional format. I know I said I wouldn't but I have decided to go against my word and do it, pending any technical reason I can think of to not do it. As long as I can code it so that it doesn't require me to edit two stylesheets/files when I want to make general changes (i.e. only having to edit the CSS file) then it shall happen. This option will be available from the preferences section in your member area when it is ready.

    I changed my mind after a couple of weeks on my new Business Studies course. I transferred from Computer Science to Business Studies this new univeristy year so I could focus on a course that would provide real benefits to my business and provide me with the practical thinking required to further it. So now I have an extra year at uni (2 years computer science, 2 years business studies) but I think the practical implications of this new course will become largely apparent over the coming years. It's time to focus on generating the sites and features that people really want. Up until now I have been running my sites my own way; only doing things that I've actually wanted to do. Thankfully for you folks, for the most part, what I wanted to do went hand-in-hand with what you wanted. Now it's time to bite the bullet and take a more conservative business approach: what do people want? Is it practical? Lets do it.

    With that in mind LHammonds will be getting his way sometime soon too. I'll be linking file comments to the TESNexus database so authors can order their files based on the last comment date of the files. So you'll be able to see at a glance which of your files has new comments and which haven't.

    As I've mentioned previously a UK file server is in the pipe, I just need to be mindful of my cashflow. Typically I receive advertising money 30 - 90 days after the end of the month for that particular month (so money generated in January won't be seen until March, April or even May) so I need to sit on my hands and watch that bank account. But once I'm sure it's all kosher I'll get onto ordering that UK file server.

    Premium members will also see a return of the file and author tracking, but probably with a slightly different twist. The new system will be favourite files and favourite authors. As before you will be able to keep tabs on updates to your favourite files and any uploads made by your favourite authors and receive updates either via email or direct access to the site. Similarly sooner, rather than later, you'll have access to your download history for the past year again. So never fear premium members, you haven't been forgotten!

    Phew! Time to hop into bed. I need to read pages 1 - 50 of my marketing text book and get up for a 10am tutorial tomorrow (that's early for a student).

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