• 2 October 2007 16:41:37

    Member preferences, premium features and layout changes

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    This one is for all the people who do not like the blocked listing of files on the category/search pages and for the Premium members out there.

    There is now a preferences section within the member area that will enable you to edit a few particulars relating to the site. As a premium member you can edit how many files you see on category listings and within search results (from between 10 and 50). Similarly premium members can choose how many comments they see on each page (from between 10 and 50).

    All members have the option to edit how they view file listings. The two options are "block mode", which is the site default. The other option is "flat mode", which was the default of TESSource. Flat mode lists files vertically rather than side-by-side. Many people expressed a wish to return to this format while many expressed their like for the new side-by-side approach. So I've split it down the middle and left the decision to you!

    Go to your preferences area now to change how you use the site.

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