• 28 September 2007 13:18:32

    Plans for the future

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Well I've finally got the internet setup in my house. A nice 20mbit line to help when downloading mods! It's good to see the site is much more stable, and as far as I know, it hasn't crashed once in the last week! Woo.

    I'm actually heading back home this weekend to welcome back a friend who has been down-under (that's Australia) for the past 6 months, but I thought I'd chime in on various matters so people don't think I have forgotten about them.

    First of all thank you for all your feedback via emails, forum posts and personal messages. I can assure you I have read them all but you probably won't be getting a reply. I've had about 2,000 non-spam emails since TESNexus was launched and it'll be impossible to reply to them all. However some of the regular feedback will be addressed in this news article, so keep reading!

    Next, thank you to all the people who have paid to become premium members. Your support is what is keeping the site running at the moment and will help to pay for new file servers. Advertising is now up on the site, but the way the advertising market works means I won't see money from that for atleast 45 days. The people who paid to become Supporters of TESSource will become premium members (obviously at no charge) but it will take time for me to transfer all the details into the new Premium Member system. So hang tight, you'll get your money's worth, and any lost time shall be added on.

    There's plenty of work to do on the site. The site as it is now is simply a skeleton, a platform from which I can build and I have all sorts of feature plans and ideas.

    First of all the file page will be getting a bit of a tweak along with the addition of some of the other features that were originally on TESSource like the "required files" and "mirrors" section. I'll be rearranging where all the boxes go so prepare for some changes.

    Image uploads for files will be getting a facelift so you can upload up to 10 at once. Many people also whined expressed an interest in there being more direct links between actions. So when you upload a new file, image, etc. it provides relevent links to revelent sections. That shall also be done.

    Also on the books is the advanced search feature and tagging system that will enable you to search for files based on various different criteria. This one might take a while to accomplish but it will be available some time in the future.

    Cash flow permitting I want to be getting a UK based file server for all the European users of the site (myself included!). If you want in on a UK based file server and haven't already paid to become a Premium Member then please consider it -- it'll mean it gets up faster!

    There's also the image share feature that will be made available again for people to upload and share their screenshots and general pictures. To remind people, the database will be empty and will start with no images in it. Unfortunately this was one of the things lost in the transition from TESSource to TESNexus.

    RSS feeds shall be made available for the site news, new files and updated files.

    There are a few things that won't be happening. This includes moving the right nav (or part of the right nav) to the left and changing the colour scheme. People will just have to get used to it.

    Lastly I wanted to address two regular issues I'm hearing about through email and on the forums. If some/all of the text boxes on the site are a light background with light text (so you cannot see what you're typing) then you need to take a look at the plugins you are using on your browser. People have reported that turning off certain plugins (like some auto-fill plugins) has fixed the issue. Obviously I haven't coded the textboxes to be unreadable, so take a look at your end! If you have registered for the site but have not received the validation email then login to the forums and click the "Resent Validation Email" in the top right. This will send the email again.

    I'm sure I've forgotten lots of stuff but it's the thought that counts!

    Stay tuned.

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