• 22 September 2007 16:15:03

    TESNexus header banner competition

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Hi folks,

    When I was showcasing the site design on the official forums, before the launch of TESNexus, many people expressed their lack of appreciation for the header banner for the site (the one in the top left). Now, personally, I like it. I feel it suits the whole minimalist approach I took to the site design in the first place, following a "less flare, more functionality" approach to things. But hell, what do I know!

    So this one is for all the budding graphic artists out there who think they can do better! You are invited to create a header banner for TESNexus, the winner (if there is going to be one!) will be picked by myself, and maybe Buddah, LHammonds and Povuholo. Your header banner will be used on the site, and your name mentioned in the footer blurb of the site (so I don't get blamed for creating it!).

    The banner MUST follow these simple guidelines:

      • Width: between 350px and 500px
      • Height: 85px
      • Morrowind/Oblivion related
      • Must, obviously, fit into the current colour scheme/background seamlessly
      • No animation, filesize kept as low as possible

    You are welcome to use my header PSD.

    Submissions should be uploaded to this news post's forum post (you can upload attachments via the forums) or sent to robin [_AT_] blacktreegaming [_DOT_] com

    Have fun!

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